5 Steps Involved in Web Application Development

Software which can be run in a web browser without installing it on your computer is a web application or a web app. Web apps are created by using browser-supported programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Project management steps for Web Application Development.
Project management steps for Web Application Development.

Nowadays, web apps are becoming very popular. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their compatibility on many different platforms. Webmail, online auctions, and wikis are most common kind of web applications. This article is related to the different stages of development for a web app.

Custom Web App Development

Web app development has spread everywhere. There are five phases involved in web app development. These five steps are:

  1. Information Gathering.
  2. Planning the necessary steps.
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Testing of the app and creating support.

The rest of the article is concerned with these five phases in more detail.

Information Gathering

This is the phase when an idea is chosen. Not all ideas are worthy to make a web app of. In this phase you need to work on the available data and set goals. Developers and management sit together so that they can discuss the goals of the project.

The goals must include the limitations recognitions that are placed on the project and scheduling of the project. A working outline should also be created by the people in this phase so that their goal can be achieved.

There should be a decision by the end of the phase. The work process and the end results expected by the project should be part of that decision.

Planning the necessary steps

To the whole project, this phase is very important. This phase is related to the determination of the “how’s” of the app. You have to find out answers to questions in this phase, like which language will be best for this project, what features you should include in your app and so on.

Planning and functional specifications are the main features of this phase. The time frame will be determined for the project by the planning and functional specifications will highlight the functions and the flow of the project.


The most important key factor taken into consideration is the target audience. In order to strengthen the identity of your company, design is an essential element. You need to mix and match your website with such logos and colors that can attract your visitors. The most important part of this phase is being honest about expressing your likes and dislikes on the site design. Then comes the development phase.


Now it is time to set the baseline for the development work to begin. The developers start coding, testing and publishing data. Data variables, entities and coding procedures are established in this phase. After which the information is presented to the management for review.

Testing and Support Phase

This phase mainly focuses on testing and the fixes of minor and major bugs, discrepancies and network complications that may leads to failure of the application. Thus, policies and procedures are established for a successful support system.

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