Review: McAfee VirusScan v8.0 (Grade A-)

I have always had a bit of a predicament with my firewall and virus scan programs. They don’t get along. In fact, they disagree so much that I have to uninstall one to install the other. However, I’m willing to do that because my firewall program, BlackICE, is the best (in my opinion), so I felt it was worth the effort of uninstalling it every month, installing a virus scan program, and running the scan, uninstalling the virus scan program, and reinstalling my BlackICE software. Whew! Finally an end to that!

McAfee has come out with VirusScan v8.0 and it is fully compatible with BlackICE. I’m truly thrilled, and the new VirusScan works great. The new version has tons of added features: Email Scanning, Instant Message Scanning, two new additions called ScriptStopperâ„¢ and WormStopperâ„¢, Spyware detection, Windows Explorer Integration, AutoClean of viruses, Self Updating, and more.

Here’s the grade and the reasons why.

McAfee VirusScan v8.0

A = USEFUL FEATURES (4CR) (Great features. Simple to use. Has some internal advertising for other McAfee products.)
A = EASE OF INSTALL (2CR) (Perfectly easy to install. Simple install wizard.)
A = COMPATIBILITY (1CR) (Very easy to navigate. The Quiz goes area by area, with a good category breakdown. Simple to follow.)
A = AFFORDABILITY (4CR) (Good price. Under $40.00, and they often have specials. Includes one year of free updates.)
B = MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (3CR) (30 Day Money back guarantee. I’d prefer 60, but 30 isn’t so bad.)
A = TECHNICAL SUPPORT (3CR) (Complete Technical Support on the product. Have a complete online section dedicated to support, faq’s, and live chat.)
B = UPDATES (3CR) (Updates free for one year with purchase. You have to purchase a yearly subscription to continue after that. It’s not bad considering the frequency with which it gets updated with new virus alerts to watch for.)

Total Possible Credits = 20 Total Possible GPA = 4.0
Total Quality Points Given = 74

Total Software GPA = 3.7 (A-)

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