Firefox – Product Review

I used to be an Internet Explorer user, but IE has long been disabled on my computer. Then I became a Mozilla user. Now… I’ve fallen in love with Firefox. I still use Mozilla for web development, because it is a more ‘heavyweight’ program. However, all my browsing is now done in Firefox.

Firefox is a wonderful program. It is an absolute Must Try. If you’ve never heard the words ‘Mozilla’ and ‘Firefox’… its time to catch up.

This sleek, fast, powerful, and safe browser is customizable to the N’th degree. Internet Explorer doesn’t hold a candle to all the things you can do with Firefox.

It has a built-in popup blocker that works great. Another bonus, unlike IE, Firefox is a small install, only about 4.7MB for Windows. Also, its not just for Windows users. You can download it for Mac OS X, and Linux also… and in many different languages.

It’s been a wonderful program for me, and I’ve found some favorite plugins and theme’s along the way that I’ll share later. For now, visit the link and give it a try.
Firefox – Rediscover the web