FreeRAM – Product Review

My discovery of FreeRAM began after at least a year of frustration at not having enough RAM on my computer for the things I do daily. Granted, I suppose I could just go buy more, but I use my laptop predominantly, and my RAM has to be custom ordered for this one and costs a fortune. So, I’ve not done it. Instead, day in and day out, I’d dealt with a computer that would start lagging severely after a few hours. I really wanted another solution.

I decided to look around for something that would speed up my computers RAM, and better allocate the memory I had to the programs I was using. Lo and Behold! I found one that did that, and was free! It’s called FreeRAM. I ran across the YourWare Solutions website, and found a free download of FreeRAM XP Pro.

The two features in their list that really drew my attention were:

“Automatic, real-time memory monitoring and optimization.
AutoFree option intelligently optimizes RAM without sacrificing performance.”

That was enough for me, and exactly what I was looking for. I downloaded, installed, and ran it immediately. I have it set to run on start-up, and free my RAM as soon as all my programs are done loading. Then, I set it to auto-free my RAM every time my RAM drops below 25megs.

After only a few days, I saw a huge difference in what it was like to use this computer. My lovely custom laptop with the horridly expensive RAM could now wait longer to get more. This was freeing my RAM regularly while I was using it, and it handles it for me in the background.