BBC Embraces the Blog

Another Step Toward Tech

It appears that the BBC has decided to try out blogging using Nick Robinson as their guinea pig. Probably not a bad idea really, since Robinson wrote his Newslog for quite some time, so he has some experience in this sort of thing. They are starting out with one blog, but say that this is only a trial and that more will be added. The seem to be using Typepad, and it is being hosted by the folks over at Six Apart.

So far, looking at that amount of comments they are getting, it seems to be working out well. It is good to see the BBC getting on the blogging bandwagon. MSNBC already has been sucessfully blogging for some time now. That I am aware of, CNN isn’t blogging, except for a couple of major events they did back in the 2004 elections. Fox News has a rather small selection of blogs that they run. Of those, the Gretawire, the blog of Greta Van Susteren who is the anchor for the On the Record show, seems to be the most active.

Overall, a small step but good step for the BBC. I like the increased interaction between the news people and the community, and I think that there could be some real feedback that comes from it.