On April 1st the WordPress development blog released a major news story for WordPress fans and users. In the notice was the announcement of a new business model concept – detailing a merger between WordPress and TextPattern to create a full CMSMS (content management system management system) that would be called WordPattern.

The WordPattern website lists a bunch of new features for the new CMSMS including a four minute install, the use of a Bjax engine (an Ajax style flash and rails hybrid), the ability to control multiple CMS systems through one console, ‘invisible’ urls, Gidgets (widgets essentially), and a technology called Trackforward that would alert other blogs about the content that you posted. Three screenshots of the new WordPattern are posted in the features section of the new website, and a download of the wordpattern- version is availble on the download page.

Within hours another release was posted on the main WordPattern page saying that Flicker had acquired WordPattern and it was now going to operate under the name WordPattrn. An hour later another update came saying that the newly transfered WordPattrn had now been put under Yahoo aquisition and required the name change to WordPattrn!

On April 2nd, came the post that it was all one really well put together April Fools joke. 😀

I have to admit that this got quite the laugh out of me, and it’s good to know that the great group of people at WordPress haven’t lost their sense of humor.

Apparently 1680 people downloaded the wordpattern- version — so no one can say that they didn’t get quite a few people with that gag. It was a really well put together trick and I definitely appreciated the humor that comes out of the techie community every once in a while.

Great job on that one guys!


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