Summer – The Texas Dread

And it’s a damnably repressive sort of heat. For someone living in Texas, summers have never been something I revel in. It’s the time of the year to close up the house and become a hermit while I cling to the air conditioning. The afternoons have been about 95F – and its just May. We will undoubtably hit 110F by the peak of summer, if we don’t surpass it.

However, inasmuch as I dislike the heat in which I am surrounded, I’m tempted to find a way to come to peace with such – at least for a short bit. The form this will take is by changing my webpage design. Yes, I’m quite aware that that is a pathetic way of experiencing summer, but I’m not stepping outside into the heat so I have to enjoy it in my own way.

I have in mind something based on a layout done by someone else, something very light. With fresh greens and blues and plenty of white in there. Some orange for highlight and perhaps I might even (*gasp*) do pink instead or orange – despite my dislike for pink. I’m thinking of colors that show grass, the sky, flowers, and just all around the freshness that summer brings (well, at least to most places in the world). Yellows here and there would be ideal, so perhaps I should keep the orange around.

Regardless, one of my plans for this is to stop stalling working on my own sites and finally match up their designs. My main site has a completely different layout from this blog, and I find it personally annoying going between them – so I am sure others do as well. When you are working on things for other people, its so easy to neglect your own websites. The irony of it is amusing, and the consistency with which you’ll find web designers who neglect their own pages makes it just that much more hilarious. It happens.

So often in personal life, people say that you cannot care for others unless you first can care for yourself. Perhaps that is something to remember regarding any sort of work as well. You cannot always put other peoples work ahead of your own, else your own will falter and start to suffer. So Summer is always a hard time, but I think I’ll take a bit of time to work on some personal projects I’ve been neglecting. Like.. oh, say, my book, my seminars, my training material, my website, etc…

Anyway, if I’m able to keep it up, I hope for more posts on here more regularly again. On the other hand, my daughter has only 4 more days of school and then she will be off for the whole summer. She’s going to be a very bored and hyper handful, and she’s going to drag her brother into that as well. So… perhaps I won’t have -tons- of time, but I’m determined to make a little more.