Google University

SEO is an important topic across the web, as any web developer knows. Throughout the most recent years, Google has remained the ‘challenge’ of SEO experts everywhere. Some claim that Google cannot be mastered, others assure you that it’s easy. Whether they are offering their knowledge and reasons for free – or requesting your $9.95 for a pdf ebook download … there are lots of opinions on SEO for Google.

Let’s go to the source on the matter then, and take a look at the Google University. Simply because I’m in an odd mood, I think I’ll call it the ‘GooU’ for short. Now, GooU is a section of the Analytics section of Google. This should be no surprise, since considering exactly what Google Analytics does for your site stats and monitoring and conversions. In fact, its a very detailed tool – I simply have found repeatedly that it seems to not collect data properly, so I prefer to use other methods. But I digress…

GooU offers four major sections for learning about how to use Google to the best advantage of a business. It contains various articles on the topics:

  1. Driving Traffic
  2. Converting Visitors
  3. Tracking and Testing
  4. Analytics in Context

There are some interesting articles in each section. Now, the question is… who is correct or telling the truth? The SEO’s who say that Google rankings cannot be controlled, the ones who say that they can be, or what Google says to us… Personally, I’m willing to bet that the real answer is somewhere in the middle of all of it. It never hurts to be informed of what all parties have to say.