Site Review – Inspiring Messages

While browsing around, caught my eye. I mention it not because it has good code (which it does not), but because it really grabbed my attention immediately.

This site was obviously made by someone who has a natural knack for usability practices. I love (can’t stress that enough) the start page. Talk about clean and simple. People often say, Never use landing pages. This might be an exception to the rule.

Great use of white space throughout the site, simple organization, expected layout and responses. I would like a few section skip links in the left column on the sub-pages, but otherwise each page has little enough content that it makes it clean and simple.

Definitely nice. Plus, I love their banners section and the quotes they use 🙂

Overall, great layout. It would be even nicer if they used standard coding for it, but I found it truly inspiring and I might end up using their ‘inspiration’ as a template idea.