Lipogram Fun

A highly fascinating topic of linguistic discussion is in lipograms. For anybody not famliar with what a lipogram is, I shall simplify it.

A lipogram is: Anything that you draft (usually a paragraph at minimum) which wholly skips a symbol of all writing symbols.

A way you might do this is by abstaining from using any words with ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘G’ and so on. You simply pick a singular symbol, and aviod using it.

If you want to skim additional lipogram writings, you might try this link to ‘A Loquacious Location of Lipograms.‘ Simply amazing.

I am not without skill in writing lipograms, but Mr. Chrisomalis has an uncanny ability with it. You’ll find an ton of linquistic information if you surf a bit past that link.

Anyway, I think that linquistic ‘toys’ (such as lipograms) continually last throughout our history as fun ways to pass boring hours.

Hint: It is not as difficult to do if you abstain from using a symbol that is a consonant.

Did you pick up on which symbol was missing throughout this post?

It’s a fun symbol to try to work around – though also frustrating on occasion, as 2/3 of all words in most works contain it.

Still can’t find which symbol I am hinting at? Allright… I’ll show you by using it just this oncE.