Horizontal Menu Generator – 1.0

With the completion of my 15 CSS menus recently, I decided to code up something to generate those menus more easily.

This is very much a version 1.0, and is simplistic in features. At some point, I do hope to add more features but one of the first priorities will be to finish putting in the rest of the colors available. I am undecided on the method to do that, whether I want some sort of javascript color picker or if I should re-write the whole thing in javascript. For now, it’s all done in PHP, which is my preference since it makes the menu accessible to anyone.

The two major features on my ‘to-do’ list are:
1) Finish adding in the rest of the web safe colors.
2) Add multi-tier menu creation.

You can try out the Horizontal Menu Generator – Version 1.0 now, and I’ll release updates as I make them.

Please post here if you find any bugs or errors.

Note: Version 1.1 is announced here.