Lycos Getting Competitive with Email

It looks like Lycos is stepping up to the plate of oversized email accounts. They are now offering a 3gig free email account option for sign-up. The free account is, of course, ad-supported, but what isn’t these days? No big deal there.

Looks like the only major drawback is that if you don’t log in at least once every 30 days, you’ll lose all your email account mails. Of course, I understand why they have to do that. A ton of people make dummy accounts or accounts they never use (I know I have several free email accounts floating around that I don’t even remember what service they were with anymore) and if they kept the data perpetually they’d be losing money. So they offer you full account preservation (meaning you keep your emails even if you don’t log in for the 30 days) for $5.95 a year. That’s a low enough price that I imagine people will probably jump on board for it.

Personally, I’m still enamored of my gmail so I won’t be switching over, but for anyone who isn’t a gmail junkie, perhaps it’s a decent option.