My Dream App

Most people, even the non-technical of the world, have had some invention idea that they think would make their lives easier or better. For those interested in computers, there is a contest going on to help you make your ‘Dream App’ come true.

The site, My Dream App, was recently launched with the sole purpose of trying to collect great computer application ideas, and turn the top 3 into full blown shareware software apps, giving royalties to the idea submitters for life.

They are going to try to narrow it down to 24 really good application ideas, and there are other prizes besides actually having your idea turned into a piece of working software. They’ll be giving away 18 iPods and 6 Mac computers as well. You can see that they have alot of submissions so far, in the top left corner of their website is a counter that is (at the moment) showing 2038 submissions at this point.

It’s worth a look.