BanThat – Show Your Dislike

Ban That Logo.

A relatively new service called Banthat is asking you to show your dislike to the whole world. Currently, it looks like Internet Explorer is taking the lead in what people would choose to ban if they had the choice.

Like most sites this requires a simple account registration to login, but when you are logged in, you get to see the whole list of things banned (in tag form).

So, I decided to play around with it and clicked on MySpace in the banned list. Here’s what I see at that point:
BanThat Ban Choice

That’s pretty simple and straight-forward in my view of it. You can vote for or against. You can leave comments.

Nothing fancy, not really a major point to it (except perhaps a dose of healthy venting) and it’s just sort of fun.

The only thing that would be kinda nice are a blog or maybe even just a news page, and an ‘about’ page wouldn’t hurt, though Banthat comes to you from Sabotage Media.