Yahoo! Goes Unlimited

Yahoo! announced that it is going to start offering unlimited email storage to its users.

Yahoo! Mail Beta.

When? Well according to the post, Yahoo! “will begin offering everyone unlimited email storage starting in May 2007.” However, you may not have your Yahoo! account updated in May specifically. They are going to be “rolling this out over a few months” so you might have a short wait.

I have a Yahoo! email account that I never use, but I logged in to take a look at the Yahoo! beta, just to see how it’s coming along. Slow still, it seems. Maybe if they decreased the enormous size of those ads it might help improve loading time. Who knows. I’m happy for all the Yahooligans out there who love to use the service. Personally, it would take a lot more for me to go back to using Yahoo! for email.

I’m an addicted Gmail user now – it has everything I could want. I like the fact that Yahoo! has gone unlimited in email – primarily because it will likely make Gmail step up its storage also to keep up the competition. Yahoo!, in my view, lacks too many of the features I use regularly in Gmail. But hey, overall, it’s good news for anyone who likes to Yahoo!