Commodore 64 WordPress Theme – Too Fun

This may be the height of geekiness, and it is a bit random, but I ran across this notice in my WordPress dashboard today: Rod McFarland came up with a Commodore 64 theme for WordPress.

Now before you start laughing at why I find this so cool – I have to preempt this post with a mention that my first computer was a Commodore 64, and I wrote my first software program on it. The Commodore 64 is always going to trigger a bit of nostalgia for me. That said – the theme is just plain cool.

He’s gone nuts with the Javascript, and the theme is interactive like a command line console. It’s fabulous. It’s fun. It’s utterly silly. It’s the height of geekdom. I think I want to add it as an alternative theme for my blog. :p

Try it out here: Commodore 64 Theme