Web Designers – Have You Taken the Survey?

You know which I mean – "The Survey".

If you don’t know what I mean, you haven’t checked your feed reader on recent ‘A List Apart’ posts 😉

Ok, enough silliness. A List Apart has decided to do their first survey (to be repeated annually). The survey is an attempt to profile the web designer by finding out more who we are and what we do. The results should be interesting, but if just reading charts of results data isn’t enough of a fun reward for you – there are also prizes. Yes, prizes – plural.

The prizes available (by random drawing) are:

  1. One free ticket to An Event Apart event.
  2. A 30 GIG video iPod
  3. A jump drive
  4. A List Apart T-Shirt

I won’t say that the survey is perfect. It’s a first attempt, and it is definitely geared more toward the employee web designer than the freelancer/business owner, but it will at least provide some data for us to look at. I would expect that future surveys will be a bit more detailed and fix some of the issues that came up in the discussion of the survey.

Regardless of its weak points – gathering data about our industry is helpful enough to warrant the time involved. Speaking of time: It’s 30 questions, but the last two are comments and name so it’s fairly quick to take.

A List Apart Survey.