Why You Should Advertise on Blogs

Why would you consider advertising on blogs? Well, blog advertising is currently one of the hottest marketing techniques available.

Advertising through blogs is much cheaper than the traditional advertising media, mainly because it is still in its infancy. Blog advertising is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the web. It’s easy, convenient, cheap, and you do not require a website or any expertise in site building… the list goes on.

If you do not have a website or know how to set one up, focus all your attention on creating a strong blog design and template that draws attention. Bloggers are less inclined to link to a website that’s plastered with ads and all types of hype. Most search engine visitors arrive at your website looking for specific information. Once they tag you and/or buy from you, you are very likely to get them back as repeat visitors/buyers. If a blog appeals to a visitor both through content and design, they’ll be back!

Whether or not you have one or many websites, it’s – from my experience – super beneficial to advertise on a blog as well. In fact the more blogs you have going and the more often you submit to them, the easier it becomes to reach your target market. You can connect speedily and economically with a like-minded audience hungry for your product. The power of advertising through your blog lies in the fact that bloggers on the whole tend to be an influential crowd of doers.

Blog advertising is the latest and most natural way to create your brand. If you want fast recognition of your products or services, then you will find this way of marketing will do it for you.

Advertising on your blogs not only is an excellent and surefire way to reach millions of readers, but it can boost your websites search engine and page rank.

Remember, the key to a successful home business is quality traffic to your website and/or blog(s).

Unlike a business website, blog advertising is a conversation. Treat your blog as an email you’re sending to your best friend. And, just like a personal letter, it is important to communicate with your readers as soon as they respond to your ideas.

So, I encourage you to go ahead and think out of the box! Blogs are not just for fun anymore. Let your entrepreneurial spirit run free, and advertise.

Written by: Ann Stewart

About the Author:
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