Google Adds GrandCentral To Their Collection

Google is really amassing quite a few major players and creating a really beautiful collection of web services. Their most recent buy up – GrandCentral.

If you’ve never used GrandCentral, it’s essentially a service that provides you a phone number. That phone number can be directed to any phone, or changed on the fly if you are away from the one you set it to. It provides voicemail as well. I have been using it personally for a while and really love the service. It’s a great choice by Google for buy-up.

Goggle made the announcement yesterday on the Official Google Blog. GrandCentral has released a short FAQ about the buy-up, and they say that service will not be interrupted during the transition to Google, and that they are still accepting a limited amount of Beta users. If you want to get in to the Beta, reserve a spot here.