Google 411 Adds Mobile GoogleMaps

Google had previously released their GOOG-411 service (which is simply amazing on its own), but recently they added a new feature to this service – maps. Let me backtrack a moment and explain what GOOG-411 is to start with.

In a nutshell, you dial up 1-800-GOOG-411 and speak the name of the local place you are looking for (or type if you prefer). Google will connect you for free. The service itself is free too. You can also get extra details about the business on your mobile by saying ‘text message.’ This alerts Google and they will send you a message on your phone showing you the details they have on the business. Those details now include a link to a Google map. There is another ‘voice phrase’ that supposedly works now:

Today, your GOOG-411 experience just got better: during your call to GOOG-411, just say “map it”, and you’ll get a text message with the details of your search plus a link to a map of your results right on your mobile phone.

If this service sounds interesting to try – give it a go. It’s free, so why not? You can check out the online cheat sheet for quick voice commands and keep it handy while you make your first test call.