A Blog Theme Accordion Style

I ran across a new WordPress theme (Isolated) that takes a nice approach to using Mootools accordion code, and integrating it into a WordPress theme. I have always thought that accordion style sections can look really slick, and I love Mootools, and I think the integration of it into this blog theme is done nicely. You can see the demo of the theme here.

Now, in my opinion, this theme is far from perfect, but I like the approach used. I noticed a few things that I do not care for, and I’ll list them here:

  1. Love the accordion, but I don’t like seeing it open on something that requires a scrollbar. Gives a poor impression on first loading. I think the default showing accordion section should be something like an ‘about’ page or some other small summary of the site that will not scroll.
  2. If you increase the text one step or more on the browser (ex: CTRL and + in Firefox), the top half of the site is great still, but there is significant break on the lower section right at the ‘previous posts’ link.
  3. Speaking of the lower half of the page, I don’t care for the colors. To me the two halves look like two different designs. I think what is doing it is the higher contrast green used on the list items. To follow the theme on the top half, I would suggest reducing that bright green to match the muted green used in the post titles within the slider. They could even go to that bright green on hover like the top does.
  4. It needs something in the top left corner. My eye keeps drifting to that spot for some reason. Maybe a jump scroll button to the lower half.

Overall, I love the approach. I think it could use some tweaking, but it is a great idea 🙂