MyPoints Makeover

Anyone out there check out MyPoints lately? Talk about a massive redesign.

MyPoints new site design.

MyPoints went from being a very old-school cluttered and difficult to navigate site, to having a great new design. The new design looks fabulous and is definitely an improvement.

Now, if only they would take a look at the code behind the new design. Admittedly, I have the feeling that they are actually looking at the code. It’s sort of like… half old-school / half standards. In fact, I get the impression the code is a work in progress or maybe the web dev is working on learning how to move the site to that.

Either way, it’s an improvement. The markup errors are mostly easy fixes (forgotten alt attributes and unescaped characters abound). The doctype the new site is set for is XHTML 1.0 Strict, so hopefully that is an indicator that they are going to be correcting the errors.

I noticed that they are also linking to lightbox scripts in the header, and that while some of the design is still using tables, its also being structured with divs now.

In any event, if you recall what the site looked like before, this is a massive improvement, and I hope that the code just keeps getting better.


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