FreshBooks Is Refreshing

FreshBooks sent out an announcement that tomorrow they will implement their new design. They are calling it version 4.0 (currently 3.0) and mention some new features that users will have.

Personally, I rather like the current user panel. Very clean and simple and easy to tell what to do with it. They mention that they will be adding a few features to the administrative area, including predicting income and showing account statements. For those who want to know what it looks like currently, here’s a little snap shot:

Freshbooks backend original.

Now, I’m not entirely certain from the wording of the notice whether or not this is going to be a full site change, including the homepage. I’ve always liked the top part of the main page, and I hope they keep that. The rest of the home page could use some help.

The top part looks currently like this:
Freshbooks home top.

I think that has a sort of fun feel to it, and its very easy to read.

The downside of the main page is the sheer size of it. It is a very long page and really could use some consolidating. Here’s a shot of the whole page:

Freshbooks home top portion.

I guess we’ll just see how it looks in 4.0 – Stay Tuned!


5 Replies to “FreshBooks Is Refreshing”

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