The Best PNG Fix?

A png example.I adore using PNG graphics in my designs, but I hate the way IE6 handles them. We know all about needing a PNG fix and using one, but recently I encountered my first major problem using one.

While working on my new primary site design for Website Style, I ran into a major hitch. Most of the PNG fixes just simply don’t work for the kind of site I’m making. Each one had a different problem.

Some used the proprietary CSS ‘expressions’ which we know are not good because they massively can slow down a site when they fire off thousands of times in a session.

Others wanted all my png’s in one directory. It’s simply not possible with my setup. So my choice there would be to completely reorganize all my CSS and HTML to put the files in one directory? No thanks.

Some only handle the images found in the img element, not the CSS background images.

Some only handle the CSS background images.

I’ve found some that work in the past, but what I’m looking for is something that:

  1. Must handle PNG’s in multiple directories. (Major priority)
  2. Must apply the fix to .png’s in the img element.
  3. Must not choke up and die when used with WordPress
  4. Ideally can handle background images as well, but if I have to I don’t mind working without the background image.

That final twitchy behavior of the alternatives I found seemed to somehow or other not want to work with WordPress (which made no sense at all to me because its all PHP anyway so why should it matter, but apparently it did).

If anyone knows of any suggestions, please let me know!


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  1. Hello Nicole,

    The ie6 is not very popular anymore. Since the last 3 month I could recognize many users switch ie7, that raised up from 40% in September to almost 85% now of all ie users. Since anything works in my fotoalbum in ie6 I stopped fixing bugs for past browser versions.

    However I don’t understand your prob with the multiple folders. It seems good to keep them in order. What exactly is the prob to call the image folder? If you have a navigation prob with “../” or the foldername I solved this in the beginning of each page with a parameter $prefolder=’../’ or $prefolder=”../../$foldername and so on and put the $prefolder in the img url “src=”image.png” same with links for navigation.

    If you use a topmenu for multiple pages, you can set also:

    May be I’m totally besides, but then you see again, I don’t understand your prob exactly.

    Take a look at my new page for an italien artist. The lightbox that opens after clicking the marquee has a navigation, too. 🙂 and the server is not called via ajax, but onDemand as my own development and easy to handle.

    I hope that helps you anyway for scripting, even if I’m besides and greetings from naked day.


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