Pink For October Time – You Ready?

It’s almost time to do the yearly blog change to pink again. In case you’ve forgotten why we mark a breast cancer awareness month with this tradition now, will fill you in.

If you’d like to join in and don’t have a theme handy, there are a couple I happened upon that were really great for it.

There’s a blog called that’s got quite a few unique themes in various ‘girly’ designs.

Here are two on the site specifically for the October pink switch:

Pink For October 1

Pink for October 2.

You can download them both here. There’s actually quite a few others on that page that might serve well for the pink theme.

I’m not entirely understanding why all these themes are flagged as ‘based on the Dusk theme by Beccary’ … they all seem unique enough to me in comparison to stand on their own, but ah well, to each his own.

I’m really liking the pink plaid, I might even borrow that one this year. Who knows.

One from last year that I recall was this one from

Pink for october 2006.

Not sure if that theme works with new versions of WP, but you might check it out.

Another from last year was this one, which actually has 2 looks to it. A business’ish look and a fun look. I much prefer the fun look:

Pink for october 2006.

You can check out a live demo here, or see the downloads.

If you none of those fit what you are looking for, head over to the Pink Section of the Theme Viewer and browse around 🙂

Have fun!