Bad Behavior – Behaving Badly?

Today I had to deactivate my Bad Behavior plugin for WordPress – at least temporarily. It seems there have been some people trying to post to my blog who are getting a message that they have a blocked IP address.

Amusingly enough, I got the same error as the admin.

It looks like a new version came out with a fix, but I’m going to give it a bit of time just in case, watching the comments on the page about the upgrade, just to make sure it’s working as it should first.

If you haven’t upgraded to Bad Behavior 2.0.11 – you might want to consider looking into doing that. I had no idea people were getting blocked trying to comment until a few of my wonderful visitors were nice enough to email me and let me know.

To those who have attempted to comment – please accept my apologies for the quirky ‘behavior’ lately. (Yes, it’s early, and I’m cracking corny jokes.)


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