Sneak Peek – New WordPress Theme

I’ve been working on a new WordPress theme that highlights what I enjoy in minimalist design. It’s called Minimal Overhead.

Small size of Minimal Overhead preview.

Small size of Minimal Overhead preview second color.

As you can see from the above screen shots, this design is going to come with a few color themes, and you can easily add your own as well.

The top bar is a CSS drop-down menu. For those on browsers not supporting the CSS, clicking the links will instead toss people to another area to read the subcategories and subpages etc… I’m still in personal debate over how to handle that menu. I’m experiencing a small inner rebellion against using Javascript to make the menu work for IE, and would prefer to just have the design follow a rollback for IE like any of the other older browsers will see. In either case, the menu options will be available, just in different ways.

This is, in my opinion, the kind of theme for someone who needs structure in order to keep their blog minimal feeling without letting it get cluttered over time. I’m not going to add in places for people to drag a million widgets and fill up all the empty space – that defeats the purpose.

The theme is about keeping things simple.

I’ll post another update when I’ve got more to show.