Show Some Green Love

I got an email a few hours ago from the team over at Vox suggesting we add a Green badge to the blog.

They’ve got a pretty nice incentive for anyone worried about the planet. First off, the designs are pretty nice, so no ugly badges to suffer with.

Second, the badges link off to a site called One Million Acts of Green, sponsored by Cisco, which tries to promote being green one act at a time.

Third, and pretty awesome of them to do, when the badges have reached 100,000 impression views – Six Apart (the people behind Vox and Typepad) will donate $1000 to The Climate Project, which is one of the best known green awareness projects online.

Aside from all that, there’s nothing on the badges about Six Apart or Typepad or Vox, they’re just images for green support and link off to non-Six Apart companies. Doesn’t strike me as very self-promoting at all for them to do, which is very cool.

You can grab your own badge off the list of green site badges.


One Reply to “Show Some Green Love”

  1. Something inside of me says someone somewhere is saying “A badge doesn’t make you green…”

    But I argue…it’s a start.

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