Staying on top of mobile app development

Today, paradigm shifts in shopping, driving, commuting, transactions, education, or even interactions with personal appliances, manifest that promise. The mantra ‘there’s an app for that’ is well and living up to itself every step of the way.

As much as that gives businesses good reasons for pursuing a mobile app, getting a successful mobile app is often unwieldy. To help businesses get through, apps developers SDI share some of the most fundamental ground rules of how to plan, design, and work out mobile app success:

1. Stand out: The need to stand out is pretty obviously the single most important deciding factor–and by a long shot.  It’s not the teeming Apps Stores alone that need accounting for, but also that your mobile app mustn’t end up being seen as just another alternative business tool. If you’ve a mobile website for example, it must not eclipse the app’s functionality. Focus on creating distinct value for each.

2. Sync with users: Any mobile app is only as successful as its users make it to be. User experience is a great trigger and for that you need to know exactly how to bring about user stimulation.  There are several means available to tap into user sensibility. Social media and geolocation for example are great when it comes to stimulating engagement and should be intelligently deployed.

3. Platform sensibility:  Developing for Android is just not the same as developing for iOS, Blackberry or Windows 8, and this variance must be clearly understood. The kind of device range on Android is unparalleled and poses big challenges of screen size, hardware, and intuitiveness. Your developer has to have a decisive roadmap upfront dealing with specific platform aberrations because clearly one size doesn’t fit all.

4. Testing and support: One crucial fact often ignored by businesses is that testing is not only integral to a successful launch but also for shortening the development cycle. Once a store detects a below par app, it straightaway translates into investing additional hours into diagnostics.

5. Marketing: Creating a good app is only half the job done; now think about making it visible and gaining some eyeballs. There are more than 750,000 mobile apps each on Apple and Android which makes it nearly mandatory that yours sticks out. Depending on the monetization model built into the app, define the most adequate marketing channels for promotion and buzz.

This was a guest article by Raj Srivastav.

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