Five Easy Ways To Make Your App Instantly Better

Many mobile apps often become stagnant and fall to the wayside of the mobile market. This is especially true for those market offerings that have been available to mobile device users for some time.

Furthermore, the longer that a mobile app is on the market without an update, the more likely it is to become outdated and unappreciated by users. To help make your app instantly better, here are five improvements that you can make fairly easily.

Do Not Forget To Update

While there may be a stigma that providing frequent updates is a nuisance to users, doing so keeps your mobile offering fresh in their mind. Frequently updating your mobile app is likely the most crucial step you can take to easily and actively improve upon it. It does not take a lot of money or effort on your part to provide frequent updates to your mobile app, yet it can make a big difference with your loyal user base. Ultimately, you will have to decide how often to update your app, however, the more frequently you do so the bigger impression it will make with your users.

Change Its Home Screen Icon

Your app’s icon that appears on the home screen of a user’s mobile device is what most people will associate with not only your app, but in some cases also your company. Because the users of your app will first see its icon every time they use it, it is important that you update it if it becomes unexciting, or perhaps was never impressive to begin with.

Improve The Navigation

Navigating your app is such an integral part of the user experience that if you improve it, you will surely make it significantly better. While improving your app’s navigation may be one of the more intensive improvements you can make, it can also hold the most significance with users.

Revamp The Interface

Next to the navigation, your app’s interface is one of the most noticeable improvements you can make in its design. Because it is the aspect of your app that users likely take the most for granted, revamping it will surely give such users a newfound appreciation for the improvements that you make. Changing your app’s interface is a subtle improvement and may appear to be strictly visual, however, it will most definitely make a big impact with users in terms of their association with your mobile app.

Add New Usage Incentives

It may not initially seem like an improvement to your app as a whole, however, providing new incentives for people to increase their usage will certainly make it better. Not only will adding incentives serve as an improvement, but it will also make it better in general. For instance, if you offer a gaming app, you could provide extended gameplay for users that play more often, or perhaps make in-game purchases.  Such incentives can make a big difference for your mobile app.


The previously mentioned five improvements are simple and easy ways to make your app better, and in turn will better your reputation with mobile device users. Whether they are on an Apple, Android, Windows, or another type of mobile device, most users will surely appreciate your effort in improving any outdated aspects of your app. While some of the aforementioned improvements may seem subtle or too labor intensiveHealth Fitness Articles, they matter the most up to users.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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