What’s Your App’s Angle?

With so many apps appearing to be so similar on the mobile market these days, it is crucial that yours has an angle unlike any other. Whether your app is aiming to predict the weather, or merely serve as a way for friends to mingle virtually using their mobile devices, brilliant ideas are not hard to come by, adding a different angle is.

That is why you should know what the angle of your app is, and if it does not have one, you should seek to find one fast. Either way, here are some points to think about in terms of the angle of your mobile app.

Offer Something New

Usually the best angle to adopt for your mobile app is the one that offers something new to mobile users. In other words, instead of creating an app with a function performed repeatedly in the exact same way as a handful of other apps, think of a new way to look at it. Say, for instance, your app is designed as a score tracker for various professional sports teams. Instead of adopting the same formula that many other score tracking apps do, in order to take a new angle, your app would perhaps provide live video updates of the scores, opposed to ordinary numerical updates.

Making An App’s Function Your Own  

Whether you think you have created an original idea and someone beat you to it first, or you knowingly want to improve upon an existing app, all you have to do is come up with a new angle for an app’s function. If an app’s function is to read the time, then have a fun cartoon character do it, opposed to a mundane computer generated voice like Siri. Creating a new angle for an app’s function can be that simple.

Transforming an app’s function into your own mobile offering can be initially difficult, however, once you are able to think of a viable way to offer an app with a function that has a different angle than any other, there really is not much else to it. Finding a successful angle is that simple. With that said, coming up with the initial angle is generally the hardest part.

While even the most seasoned expert can attempt to give pertinent advice on the matter, there is no solidified formula to generate an original idea of any kind, even based off an existing one. There is no paved path to do so, you simply have to do what works best for you. You can play around with other apps in your industry to think up ideas, or you can simply go lock yourself in a quiet place. People do their best work differently. So, the first, and possibly only step in thinking of a new angle for your app’s function is to figure out how you do your best thinking and then go do it.


Finding an angle for your mobile app can undoubtedly be difficult, especially if you are struggling to find a constructive process of thinking. However, if you can successful come across your ideal method of idea generation, then you will have accomplished the seemingly insurmountable task of offering something new to the mobile app market. What’s more, if you do so in a creative and innovative wayComputer Technology Articles, then you will increase the profitability and chances of long term success for your mobile app.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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