Striving For Success: Is Your App In The Top Three Of Its Category?

Creating a successful app is truly something to be proud of. However, there is also an extended gratification that accompanies the feat of creating a mobile app that is in the top three of its category.

Whether that category of the mobile market is social networking, business, or gaming, landing your app in the top three most popular apps in its category is something to certainly strive for. So, whether your mobile app is currently looking to climb the ranks of market in order to find placement in the top three, or you are destined for the top spot, here are some things to consider when seeking such success for your mobile app.

How is Your App Different Than The Competition?

In order to place your app in the top three of its category, you will certainly need to offer something different than your competition. This could be a new feature that only your app has, but others will soon emulate, or it could simply be offering your mobile app at a lower price than all the others. Regardless of how you plan to make your mobile app different than its competitors, you should know that doing so is essential to landing a top spot in its market. Furthermore, if you can offer something different to the mobile market that is also met with an unbridled popularity, then you will practically be guaranteed a spot in the top three spots in its category.

Is Your App Flawless?

Once of the most common complainants about various mobile apps is the amount of bugs and glitches. Users truly hate an app that incurs a consistent amount of glitches. This is perhaps most apparent with the type of app that has a popular concept, and users consequently love to use its features, however, it is plagued with software issues. In other words, there nothing quite as frustrating as a mobile app that has the potential to become one of the best in its category, but simply never lives up to the potential because its team is unable, and perhaps incapable of tending to an app that requires such tough demands.

Do Mobile Device Users Like It?

It is impossible for an app to become one of the top sellers and reach the popularity that comes with the position without having a solid customer base behind it. In other words, if users do not like your mobile app, then there is no way that it will ever become one of the top three in its category. The biggest key to becoming profitable and reaching a top position of popularity in the market is by appealing to its users. The more people that enjoy using it, the more success and popularity it will find.


If your goal is to land your mobile app a top spot in its category, then you should put serious effort into the aforementioned ideas. Whether it is appealing the app to mobile device users in the hopes of creating a solid user base, or fixing internal technical issues that it has, these are all things that will need to be accomplished on your app’s way to the top. Lastly, if you truly want to offer an app that is among the best in its category, you will most certainly need to offer something that none of your competitors has.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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