How To Provide Better Customer Service Through Your Mobile App

Whether you run a nationwide financial institution or a local grocery store, customer service is surely one of your top priorities. With the use of a mobile app, even your loftiest customer service aspirations will appear to be mere attainable feats.

Ultimately, providing an app to your customers provides them with the ability to easily contact you without the hassle of calling a 1-800 number. In doing so, they have the ability to essentially solve their own issues, simplifying your customer service department in the process. To help you provide such customer device opportunities, here are a few tips to get you started.

Digital Customer Service

If you can arrange your customer service department to focus on digital customer relations, opposed to speaking with an actual company representative on the telephone, then you will better optimize your current procedures. By digitizing your customer service, you allow mobile app users, as well as visitors to your mobile website, the ability to seek help either through live chat, FAQs, or email — all provided directly on their mobile devices.

Directing customers to use the aforementioned digital means of communication, or even an automated phone company representative, opposed to you spending money on live customer service reps, is a much more beneficial option for your company. Also, by displaying a comprehensive FAQs section on your mobile app, you will encourage users to solve their own problems opposed to taking manpower away from your company.

Give Your Users Options

When it comes to solving any kind of problem, having options is always a good thing. In terms of your mobile app and its users, there is no exception. People like to have options, which is especially true for those that are faced with a technology issue. Imagine a novice mobile device user discovering your mobile app for the first time. They will most certainly be a little confused by at least some features. For such reason, it is crucial that you give them options to solve their problems. What’s more, you should start them out with resources on your mobile app that can help them solve their issue without directly contacting one of your customer service representatives.

Such resources include an FAQ section to troubleshoot app issues, as well as a beginner tutorial. Then, if they are still having trouble, you can direct them toward emailing or calling your help desk. As you can see, the best way to give your mobile app users options to solve their technical problems, is to lead them down a chain of useful resources. While some users may jump toward contacting your customer service department directly, you should take all the steps to encourage them to solve their problem on their own, primarily because, most often, the issues that they face can be easily solved without your help.


Customer service is a very delicate department to be in, however, with the use of a mobile app you have the ability to solve such problems while creating more of a barrier between you and the users of your mobile app. By giving users viable options to solve their own issues while using your app, you will be guiding them down a path that can potentially save you money and manpower. What’s moreHealth Fitness Articles, digitizing your customer service department can be just as benefit to both you and your users.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author holds a content writer position with enterprise application development companies. The enterprise mobility consulting firm has experienced teams of mobile developers has offering healthcare app development solutions to meet the customized demands of clients.