Why Some Mobile Apps Succeed And Others Do Not

If you have been around the app market for any amount of time you surely know that some mobile offerings succeed and others simply do not. This is just how the industry works.

In this respect, it is not unlike many other industries where products are created, offered to the public, and then either perform well or flop. While it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why some mobile offerings do well, and others fall faster than they rise, if they do at all, there are definitely a number of reasons why such instances happen in the mobile app industry. To give you a better idea of just how some apps succeed and other fail, here are some of the most common reasons.


The marketing of a mobile app is a great contributor to either its success or its failure. More specifically, if a new mobile market offering soars to lofty sales figures, then it likely has a solid and effective marketing campaign. The marketing efforts on a mobile app have the ability to make or break its sales, regardless of how well put together it is. You can have the most innovative and fun new app, but if it lacks the hype and other marketing elements to reach out to a strong customer base, then it will surely fall short of its true potential in the mobile market. However, if you unleash a well-targeted marketing campaign to appeal your app to its primary target demographic, then it will be much more likely to succeed in the mobile market.

User Appeal

The way that a mobile app appeals to users is the foremost method of success. If your app does not appeal to the users that are supposed to be buying it, then it will surely be a failure. On the other hand, if your mobile app effectively reaches out to the market, then it should do just fine appealing to users. The way that your mobile app appeals to its users is just another example of how one thing can make it either wildly successful, or tremendously unsuccessful.


Besides aspects of your mobile app related to sales, programming is likely the most integral element involved. If a mobile app is poorly programmed, then it will surely show as people use it. In turn, they will be turned off from downloading if they hear that it is full of glitches and sloppy programming code. But, if your app is programmed by an industry veteran with lots of experience, then it should not only impress users, but also maximize its ability to flourish in the mobile market. Proper programming really is the most integral aspect to a successful user experience, and in turn good sales numbers.


As you have seen from the three previously mentioned aspects, there are definitely aspects of a mobile app that can either make or break it. What’s more, not only can either poor marketing, programming, and user appeal cause a mobile app to fail in the market, in order for it to be successful all three must work together as a well functioning machine. If you can pull that off, then you will be on the right trackFeature Articles, and will hopefully use such a formula to create many more successful mobile apps in the future. The key is to know why your app ends up either successful or a failure.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author is a part of one of the leading iPhone development companies in Delhi NCR. The iPad app development Dallas firm has providing mobile app development solutions to enterprises.