What Do Mobile Device Users Want?

When it comes to using a mobile device, users typically want only a few things. They either want to be entertained, have their life made easier, or they simply want a way to connect with other people.

What’s more, in many cases, people using mobile devices and apps look for all three. While there may be additional things that people look for from their mobile devices, these are the most common things that people seek from technology, and subsequently the apps that are housed on the devices. To provide a better idea of exactly what mobile device users want from, well, their devices, here is some further insight.


It goes without saying that entertainment is paramount among mobile device users.

Regardless of the other aspects that they look for from their devices, entertainment is something that is, more often than not, welcomed. After tall, what kind of person does not like to be entertained?

Entertainment is undoubtedly key in the mind of any person using a mobile app. For such reason, when creating and subsequently offering your mobile app to the market, you should consider making entertainment a main objective in its design.

There, of course, are limitations to how much entertainment you can really provide depending on the app that you are offering. For instance, if you have an app that is offered specifically to business professionals, then the entertainment factor may be fairly low as they do not want to be distracted from their work while on a mobile device.

With that said, an interactive navigation bar, or perhaps a simple welcome intro to your app can still provide enough entertainment for such users in order to satisfy their interest.

Making Life Easier

Another thing that most mobile device users want is for an app, or the actual device itself, to make their life easier. This typically means helping them with a task like finding directions to a destination, or perhaps something as simple as finding reviews on a product they are thinking of buying.

Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making someone’s life easier through an app on a mobile device.

Because of such, when creating your next mobile app, you should keep it in mind that people flock toward mobile offerings that make their life easier. If you can accomplish that task in one well crafted mobile app, then you will likely find success appealing to mobile device users.

Connecting With Other Users

In terms of using a mobile device, one of, if not the most commonly used function is to connect with other users. Whether it is calling someone on a smartphone through an app like Skype, or commenting on a picture posted on a social network like Facebook, it all revolves around connecting with others through a mobile device.

It is no secret that people love to do so, which should give you at least a hint at a possible function for your next mobile app. In other words, if you are looking to give mobile device users what they want, then simply allow them to connect with each other in some form on your mobile app. It really is that easy, and what’s moreComputer Technology Articles, the mere act of letting users connect with each other does not even have to be the main purpose of your app so long as it is an option.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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