Is Offering Your App Free With Subscription A Successful Strategy?

As someone interested in the mobile app industry, you have likely noticed the trend that some app creators are taking, which is to offer their apps free but only with a subscription to its service. So, while in actuality the app is free, the user still ends up paying to use it, which in turn, leads to revenue and potential profits.

There are numerous examples of this strategy put in motion throughout the mobile app industry, some of which have been tremendously successful, and others that have fallen flat. Most notably, Microsoft offers a companion app to its Office 360 document editing software programs. The app is designed specifically for mobile devices, but only if you pay for its subscription. Ultimately, you will need to weigh the odds of success with such a sales strategy for your mobile app. If they are in your favor, then by all means you should go for it. To help you make that choice, here is some additional information to consider.

The Cost Of Creating Revenue

The truth is, when it comes to creating a mobile app and offering it to the mobile market, more often than not, there must be profit made for the app to be successful. While there are other options, such as offering your app for free and relying on mobile ad revenue, or simply offering the app as a paid market option, you may find that an alternative strategy is more effective. Offering your app as a free option, but only usable to members with a paid subscription, can be an increasingly effective method of enticing users to not only download your app, but to then sign up for the subscription that allows them to use it. Otherwise, they will essentially be downloading your app for nothing, in which case, they may be more likely to pay for the subscription service opposed to deleting the app.

One Of Two Things Can Happen

When you break down the possible actions taken by someone coming across your app offered free with a subscription, there really are only two things that can happen after they download it. The user will either pay for the subscription or they won’t. Regardless, it is a positive for you as they downloaded your app, and even if they subsequently delete it, the app will still have made an impression having actually been on their mobile device at one point. While it would appear certain that any company that offers a mobile app would want its users to keep the app on their mobile device, even if they end up deleting it, there are worse scenarios. Meanwhile, your goal should first and foremost be to have users subscribe to the app’s service once they download it.


In terms of creating revenue for your mobile app, there are several methods of doing so. Some are simply more effective than others. If you are looking for an alternative method of creating revenue that does not initially appear to charge users, then you should consider the above mentioned method. In other words, offering your mobile app for free but with a subscription, might just be the best way for your app to create revenue for itself and your enterprise. Without question, it is a useful alternative strategy for making money with your mobile appArticle Submission, which is ultimately what every app maker should be after.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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