Top 5 iPhone Apps For Business Persons

iPhone is a lot different from any other ordinary phone; while it serves all important purposes of a mobile phone, it is also used as a great business tool.

Your may not conduct all your business activities at one place or at one particular time. Today, in the purview of growing business competition, it is pivotal that you keep abreast with your business activities on the move; the iPhone with its various useful applications, gives you this flexibility. If you are a business owner, the below-mentioned top 5 iPhones Apps, you cannot afford to ignore.

This is one of the most popular and highly useful iPhone app for businesspersons. Typically,  business owners have multiple e-mail accounts, mobile passwords, bank account passwords, admin passwords etc, and it becomes difficult to remember a number of different password and login combinations. To keep all you login IDs and passwords safe, you can use LastPass. This amazing iPhone app acts as a secured virtual vault. You can store all your vital information in the vault and remember just one master password.

Google News
The iPhone is loaded with a lot of entertainment apps that keep you engaged between your meetings or your waiting time at the airport lounge, but no app is better than Google News. The simple yet highly useful app allows you to catch up with the latest headlines and business news. The app features stories from around the world and allows you to keep informed about the latest news from around the world.

This is an excellent iPhone app that is specially designed for business persons whose work involves regular travelling. This incredible app allows you to keep a track of all bills and reimbursement vouchers. Simply click a picture of the gas bill or your restaurant bill using your phone, and the details would be automatically added to your expense report. You can then forwarded these details to the concerned person in your company.

It is almost impossible for business persons to not access their email accounts on their mobile phone. While there are many other e-mails apps, the iPhone Gmail app allows you to switch from your computer screen to mobile with significant ease. This special mobile version of gmail allows you to read your messages even while you are offline.

If your work involves working for different clients across different time zones, you would significantly benefit by having LiveTimer on your iPhone. This magnificent app allows you to keep a track of the exact number of hours you spend working for each client. Thus, it allows you to schedule your work effectively.

This was a guest article from Raj Srivastav.

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