Do Mobile Users Know About Your App?

Far too often mobile device users end up neglecting a company’s mobile app simply because they do not know it exists. Due to the instinctual act of visiting full and mobile website, users often rely on such methods to gain information, make purchases or conduct other forms of business with a company.

Often times doing so is less efficient than if they were to use the mobile app that a company offers, which is overlooked because of a lack of marketing and publicity. Regardless of the current popularity of your mobile app, your goal should be to increase user awareness, especially for those that struggle with using your full and mobile websites on their mobile devices. To help you do so, here are a few tips.

Advertise Your App On Your Websites

Likely the most important aspect of transitioning users from your full and mobile websites is to advertise your app on such locations. Furthermore, placing a link to download your mobile app on the web pages that your users get most frustrated using a website not designed for their mobile devices is the best practice. In other words, your customers will be delighted to find a simple fix to having to use your full website on their mobile device, so long as you make sure they know about it.

Same Customers, Different Method

When offering a mobile app, and subsequently transitioning your use of ecommerce, the goal should be to reach out to the same customers just in a different way. More specifically, you will likely be targeting the same users of your full website, while shifting over to using your mobile app in order for them to make purchases. Truth be told, making such a transition may sound like an arduous task, however, there is really very little to it. The majority of the transition will be placed upon your users, and once they see how much simple your mobile app makes things, they will surely welcome the change.

Selling On Your Mobile App

To better illustrate, let’s say that you just released an app for your surfboard company. While your loyal base of customers, along with a flourishing number of new online patrons, typically flock to your full website, many are becoming increasingly frustrated. For such reason, your surfboard company decides to develop a mobile app to sell surfboards through a web store. The only problem, however, is that your customers have no idea about your mobile app, and the ability to make purchases using it.

As you can surely imagine, this is a major problem for any company, especially one that relies heavily on e-commerce with a fledgling mobile app. As previously mentioned, a great way to fix to such an issue is to advertise your mobile app on your company’s full website. In the end, doing so will allow your customers to buy your product in a streamlined fashion wherever they go through the use of their mobile device connected to your web store.


Getting your customers to switch from using your full website to your mobile app is not difficult so long as they know that doing so is an option. If they do not know about your app, they simply will not think to use it. By advertising your mobile app on your full websiteFind Article, you will be giving your loyal and prospective customers the opportunity to better access your products or services.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

The author is associate with one of the best enterprise mobile application development company that offers healthcare app development solutions. The iPhone apps development Dallas firm has created more than 300 applications for clients.