Does Your App Need More Text?

So much of mobile app interfaces these days are comprised predominantly of audio and visual aspects. With that said, however, there really is no compensating for text on a mobile app.

Text is one of the most effective and commonly associated methods of communication whether it be through an article online, a print magazine, or in this case, a mobile app appealing to users of mobile devices. Understandably, it can be quite difficult at times to intertwine the centuries old form of communication with newer forms introduced through advancements in technology. To help you do so, here are some ways to decide if your mobile app needs more text and if so, how to add it seamlessly without it appearing out of place.

Text And Graphics Can Coexist

While they may seem to be miles apart, and they certainly can come from different words, text and visual graphics are not entirely unlike each other. In fact, the core of visual graphics is based off of text. In order to flawlessly interweave both the graphics on your mobile app, and its text, you should aim to pair them up as much as possible.

In other words, instead of featuring your graphics entirely separate from your text, simply add words to the graphic. A visual graphic with text applied to it is not only more ascetically appealing, such a combination is more effective at getting your message across. Furthermore, users are more likely to actually read and comprehend what the words say if they are associated with a visual graphic.

Make Your Text Pop

If you do end up deciding that you need more text on your mobile app, which many do, you may consider making it pop. Doing so is very simple. All you have to do is change the text font, size, and color in order to make it stand out among the rest of the app’s interface.

This could be something as simple as changing its text size from a size 10 to, say, a size 14. Similarly, it could mean making the text color blue, or another color that fits with your app’s color scheme in order to give it more life and make it stand out against the backdrop of the design.

Lastly — and many graphic designers and font junkies will tell you the same thing — changing your app’s text font is one of the best ways to give it meaning. To some app makers it may sound too simple, and in many ways it is very easy, but giving your text pop is actually a great way to make it mesh seamlessly with the rest of your app.


Using the two previously mentioned methods of making your text and graphics intertwine, allowing the text itself to pop through changes in font, color, and size, are great ways to add new life to the prose featured on your app. While they may seem like conflicting strategies, if you can figure out a way to mesh them together, surely your app and its text will be more appealing and engaging to mobile device users.

While this may not be your mobile enterprise’s main goalComputer Technology Articles, it certainly should be one that is sought after. Accomplishing headway on this and other smaller goals within your company will surely lead to bigger results and dividends down the road.

This was a guest article from Jennifer Lewis.

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