Is HTML5 the Future of Mobile App Development?

The clear trend of contemporary mobile app development points to the larger acceptance of the HTML5 technology. It is the day of cross platform mobile app development and only the HTML5 programming language helps software developers build mobile apps that run successfully on multiple operating systems.

Knowledge and skill in using the HTML5 scripting language is thus essential for successful mobile app development. Listed below are the best five HTML5 frameworks that developers must pay special attention to during mobile application development:

1. jQuery Mobile – A touch optimized web framework, it is used for creating applications for both the tablet and smartphone. This framework has a unified user interface and this is why building applications across every OS platform is possible with jQuery Mobile. It has an open lightweight coding system that allows software developers avoid lengthy codes during the app development process.

2. Sencha Touch – This is perhaps the oldest HTML5 framework known to mobile application developers. Sencha Touch tools are most effective in building mobile apps for the Android and iOS operating systems. This framework shows excellent audio and visual multimedia components which are used for creating visually interactive mobile apps.

3. PhoneGap – Scripting languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3 are used for building native mobile apps using the PhoneGap development tools. This is one of the most popular HTML5 frameworks among software designers across the world because its tools can be used in combination with other frameworks such as Sencha Touch. The framework also comes at an affordable price and is hence the favorite of mobile application development companies and freelance developers.

4. M-Project – Both languages HTML and JavaScript can be used in building mobile apps using the M-Project designing tools. Developers generally opt to use this framework for designing applications for mobile phones of various companies since the core files and user interface of M-Project are compatible with handset features.

5. NimbleKit – This HTML5 framework has gained popularity as the fastest development platform for designing apps for the iOS operating system. But not many software developers settle for using the NimbleKit framework as extensive knowledge and skill of using both JavaScript and HTML programming languages have to be mastered by the software designer before successfully using NimbleKit.

Also, a developer does not have to know how to use the scripting languages of iOS SDK and Objective C for using this framework effectively, hence leading to the development of poor quality apps for Apple’s operating system. The framework comes equipped with the ‘NimbleKit Project Template’ that has a list of templates for developers to choose from for designing applications for devices like the iPhone, iPod, and related software. Developers have to write the code in either the HTML or JavaScript language, click on the ‘build and run’ tab of the template, and launch an application instantly in iOS device simulators.

The debate between usage of native, hybrid, and HTML5 mobile apps is a never ending one in business and technological circles. However, the idea is to secure multiplatform experience in today’s mobile scenario. The HTML5 frameworks are effective in helping app developers create quick and successful designs for multiple operating systems and thus provide their clients with a satisfactory user experience. Moreover the use of HTML5 technology also allows developers leverage code assets across all the major operating systems.

This was a guest article from Yancy Marry.

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