What Are Various Web Based Software Solutions?

There are various hosted, web based software solutions available in the market these days. Here one can find the details about the type, need and requirement of various web based solutions.

Web Based ERP Solutions

Various web-based ERP solutions can be easily accessed by users of multiple departments of a company at the same time with their particular tasks. It can be deployed to the local server or web server according to the various requirements of clients.

Web based ERP also can be accessed on the tablets and mobile devices. The ERP system enables remote access to the real-time working data with efficient communication to the concerned persons. Web-based ERP covers the business processes such as marketing, sales, distribution, manufacturing, inventory management, financial, HR management, accounting, service and maintenance.

This is best suited solution for small to medium-sized business management and operation. It does not need heavy server software, hardware installation, much cost and any updation process. It only requires a browser, an Internet connection.

Web Based Hospital Management System Software

Web-based Hospital Management System is a web application that runs on a web server, thus, all the users can access it through a web browser and Internet connection over the internet. It is a simple and user-friendly application as patients from all over the world can fix, reschedule, cancel the appointment with their favourite doctors. Each and every departments of a hospital cooperate to offer the excellent care for patients.

With the help of web-based hospital management software, doctors can view drug lists of diverse manufacturing companies. As information, details management is done by a single server, one can make the report maintenance easier with high security. Laboratory and Pharmacy information of all the patients are also handles by the corresponding admin of the hospital.

Web Based Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions

Web-based CRM solutions is a hosted CRM solution,easy-to-use for small to medium-sized organizations. Major feature of this application are Leads Management, Contact management, Tasks management, On-going reports, Sales Analysis, Configuration and Access and many more.

Web-based CRM software keeps track of all the clients by separating them with custom tags and collects all the data you would require including contact info, notes to remember, past conversation etc. Task feature is one of the advantages of web-based CRM that alerts you by e-mail of all important matters and up-coming. The hosted solution helps organizations apart from the rest by permitting their staff to convey an informed response to customer concerns and queries.

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