Why it is important to use textures in the design projects?

It is not easy to impress someone in the field of design anymore.

There are thousands of gorgeous websites on the internet and designers are doing their best to create them. Graphic designers are creating fancy icons, logos and banners that look really amazing.

Just look at the latest icons of the huge companies, such as Apple, Google or Microsoft. They are stunning.

In the era where everything has been already created, you have to be super creative. That is why the designers are searching for the new ways to make their work exceptional. For example, it is getting more and more popular among the designers to use various textures in their work.

Textures are being used by web designers, graphic designers and even typography designers. Take a look at the poster of the latest movie in your local theatre. You can easily notice that some elements in the poster are made up from textures. Either a background or some smaller elements have the specific color and characteristics that look unique and exceptional.

To be honest, textures can be made up from the simple photography of an ordinary thing. You can take a photo of the top of your desk. Every wood, metal or plastic thing around you has the unique pattern. Take a piece of that photo and you will get a nice color and pattern that could be used for design work in Photoshop or any other image editing software.

However, textures should not be confused with patterns. In the design world, pattern is a small picture that tiles nicely. So basically, designers can use a very small picture as the background of a webpage. It will cover a whole background, because pattern will tile nicely and will look as one big picture.

An advantage of this is that patterns are very small in size. That is very important for web designers, because every element of a website has to be loaded from the server, every time someone enters your website. So if your website visitor has a very slow internet connection, it would take ages for him to load your website properly. Pattern pictures are so small in size that they can be loaded even with the slowest internet connection.

To sum up, textures can help you with your design projects a lot. They will make various elements in your projects even more unique, exceptional and attractive. Also, there are many free textures online.

This was a guest article from John Ethan Perry.

John Ethan Perry is a passionate designer from Dallas, USA. He is also an owner of several websites. Visit his latest website for a great collection of Free Textures.