A detailed overview of cloud computing

Cloud computing has been one of the great resource in information technology practices. It has helped many businesses to use those resources which were not feasible before.

Cloud computing is an alternate form of an organization’s local infrastructure practices which delivers information technology resources through Internet based platform. It becomes extremely vital during the time of financial challenges.

Medium and enterprise level businesses are funding in their IT resources to set up cloud computing solutions as a sources to gain the IT practices that are cost effective, high responsive, flexible and reliable.

So, with your old infrastructure practices, cloud computing solution offers revolutionized IT capabilities such as servers, storage, application programs, software development tools, emails and database services. Cloud computing will even help us to reduce the organizations budget that are associated with resource management, implementation and further maintenance of those facilities.

For a few organizations, cloud computing technology still remains new and their delivery technique is based on the principle of mainframe computing. They fear to adopt due to the assumption of high capital investment in resource set up. Sharing of computing resources between many small organizations can also help to share the infrastructure set up expenses.
Cloud Computing Deployment Models:

  • Public Cloud – Delivery of a few IT resources that are commonly practiced via a share cloud infrastructure. Resources are optimized by pooling up the different requirements having similarity in nature from multiple clients.
  • Private Cloud – A partial cloud infrastructure but completely isolated infrastructure is delivered that the client will have administration rights for those resources.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Hybrid cloud practice is just a blend of public and private cloud deployment models and it is delivered depending up on the client needs.

Core Advantages:

  • Cost Reduction – Organizations can scale down or even eliminate the additional monthly expenses in the effort of regular IT maintenance, support, and other day to day operations.
  • It’s Quick and on-demand delivery – The party can set up the infrastructure instantly, avoiding hefty procurement cycles.
  • Pay Per Use – Small businesses can pay whatever they use. This makes maximum utilization of resources possible.
  • High Scalability – The system resources are immediately scaled up during extreme usage requirements and scaled down when there is a minimum use.
  • Improved Administration – We get unlimited freedom from administrative tasks like: configuration, troubleshooting, software updates and nightly backups.
  • More Options – Since the usage of cloud is increasing, many IT giants are also jumping into cloud provider services, giving small organizations options to choose a cost effective provider with efficient service and support.
  • Enhanced Reliability – Cloud consists of excellent disaster recovery techniques that helps us to assume our infrastructure as a reliable resource.
  • Improved Funding Model – Small and mid organizations can significantly cut down capital expenses for IT hardware and software and that impacts to overall operating expenditure arrangement.


While we have enough benefits, a few concerns still exist even after a lot of researches. The main concern lies on the fact that the company will have no data and no resource with them. Some other major concerns surrounding the use of cloud based infrastructure include:

  • Security as we will not have direct control over physical resources ;
  • Availability of faster Internet connection as it hugely impact the reliability of cloud;
  • Difficult to manage different service level agreements, terms and conditions;

This was a guest article from Denor Linen.

Denor Linen is an IT analyst, working with SageNext Infotech. SageNext Infotech is a leading QuickBooks Hosting provider along with dealing in all kinds of tax and accounting application hosting. SageNext avails the cheapest QuickBooks cloud by offering the excellent service.