7 Apps To Locate Your Stolen Android Phone

Losing your Android phone can be really unpleasant, specially as they are fairly high-priced, but also simply because you almost certainly have stored individual data on it. In most cases, thieves will erase that details and look to sell your Android phone as rapid as they can. But there are some solutions obtainable besides going to the police.

There are numerous Android phone apps that aid you get your stuff back by tracking its location. Some of these apps also enable you to use the Android phone camera to snap a photo of the thief. These are great approaches to get the phone back and have currently saved numerous persons’ phones. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that aid you uncover your stolen or lost Android phone.

1. Kaspersky mobile security app

This application enables you to track the cheap android phones and also take a picture with it. The application is controlled via the internet center for apps. The ‘Mugshot’ function enables you to quietly take images of the phone’s surrounding. The tracking method locates the mobile phone via GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi or Google Maps. The application can be purchased from the Google Play store for $14,95.

2. Androidtheft

This application tracks the Android phone employing internet browsers. The application need to be installed previously to losing your telephone and sends email updates when somebody tries to alter any telephone settings. The application is cost-free, but consumers are encouraged to donate if they can, so that the application can be created a lot more.

3. Android lost

This application enables you to remotely block your Android phone and erase any details identified on it. You can also track the telephone via GPS, Wi-Fi and Google Maps. You can also use this app even if your telephone hasn’t been lost, to block access to certain details from that phone when you borrow it to close friends or family members. The application can be installed remotely, soon after the phone was lost.

4. AVG Antivirus

This application also gives protection against viruses. It enables you to track the new android phone or tablet and lock your individual details. If you have factors to believe that your phone wasn’t stolen but lost, you can even set a message on it that will tell people where they can uncover you to return your phone. Or, in case you lost your phone at home, you can use this application to make it ring even if it is set on silent mode.

5. Avast! Mobile Security

The anti-theft function is hidden and can be accessed via the internet or sms. You can either track your Android phone employing it or control some of the fundamental functions of the phone.

6. Bonus apps

Norton Mobile Security Lite – or the specialist version that charges $29,99 – enables you to track and control your Android telephone and it automatically locks the telephone if the SIM card is removed.

7. Lookout Security & Antivirus

This application has a cost-free version and a $2,99/month premium version. Tracks the phone via Google Maps and provides sound alarms, even if the Android phone is on silent.

This was a guest article from Adeel Qureshi.

Adeel is a Wholesale Android Phones lover based in China, working for Chinavasion: the very first online China Android gadget store based in China that ships new Wholesale Android Phone worldwide.