Device Comparison: Android Television Boxes VS Android Television Dongles

You have two sensible choices when it comes to transforming the typical television set into an impromptu smart computer: an Android smart TV dongle or an Android TV box. These Android TV devices turn your television set into a makeshift computer setup in a few quick methods.

What is the difference between the two setups, even though? What does an Android TV dongle have that the box kit does not and vice-versa?

The first and most obvious difference is in size and mass. A HDMI or USB Tv dongle is much smaller and lighter than its box counterpart, which can be a major advantage for these that want to bring their smart TV with them wherever they go. The Android TV dongle is as a result the clear choice if mobility is your priority.

Processor Speed
This is where the Android TV dongle and box are far more or less on equal footing. The speed of the processor for both devices will vary between 1 GHz to 1.6 GHz on average, with your spending budget being the only true constraint in this situation. Simply check the label to find a box or dongle with processor speeds that will suit your purposes.

Internal Memory
The TV box has far more physical area for expanded difficult disk drives, though this is not usually the case. The typical TV streaming dongle has about 8 to 16 gigabytes of storage, while some Android TV boxes have HDD docks where you can insert disk drives up 1 terabyte or far more. If you are going to set up a lot of films, shows or games on your Android TV computer setup, then obtaining a box could be the far more sensible choice.

DVR Capabilities
Some TV box devices not only have area for expanded data storage but also enable you to record shows as you want. These digital video recording capabilities need a bit more hardware that is very massive for the typical Android TV dongle. If you want to record videos on your Android device, then a box is your best choice. Just ensure that it has DVR capabilities beforehand.

This is yet another area where Android TV dongle and boxes are somewhat balanced, with boxes taking only a slight lead more than dongles. Both models are typically capable of connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports. Boxes tend to have all these alternatives clustered in, but numerous higher-end dongles also assist numerous (if not all) places of connectivity.

Price Point
Typically speaking, the typical Android TV dongle costs less than a box. This difference, nevertheless, is primarily based largely on the specs and far more components that come with the package. A dongle that has a quad-core CPU and comes with a specialized Android TV remote with a built-in keyboard and air-mouse pointer will cost far more than a bare-bones box setup.

Keep these bits in mind and you’ll be able to better choose whether or not a lighter, far more compact Android TV dongle or a steadyComputer Technology Articles, feature-wealthy Android TV box will function to ‘smarten’ your TV!

This was a guest article from Adeel Quereshi.

Adeel is the public relationship manager of Chinavasion: the leading wholesale and dropship company based in China. Chinavasion sells Android Smart TV Dongle from China.