How to Secure Your Data in Corporate Mobile Apps

To say that the use of applications is constantly increasing amounts to a redundancy. Just look around us to find people with eyes in their smartphones and tablets, talking with friends, accessing social networks or even seeing the balance in your bank account while waiting for the bus to arrive. Research only reinforce this observation: the use of mobile applications has grown 115% in 2013, according to research Flurry Analytics firm.

If people already rely on applications to help them be more productive and to live better, companies still regard the use of mobile applications with some suspicion. The main complaint with regard to security: how to ensure that no data secret of my company will fall into the wrong hands? Other questions also arise in relation to system crashes and data loss.

I understand these concerns and believe that they are relevant. In a connected world, a wrong access, a leaked password or a lost smartphone can mean a gateway to the wrong people within your company. And what are we do not know his intentions: it can be a hacker trying to prove that he can break certain security code, may be someone interested in selling the information of your company or even a form of digital protest. The big names in technology, such as Google and Facebook, take this concern so seriously that have a history of hiring people who find flaws in their security systems.

For a company, the mere loss of an unlocked device can mean a loss of millions. But this is not a reason to stop investing in the use of mobile applications, is just a warning to the businessman look serious towards mobile application development with a successful track record of apps and has as one of its goals to maintain total security of your customer data.

The use of corporate apps is a significant reduction of time and cost, helping employees to perform tasks more agility, speed and quality. While applications for final public usually have a single user password, often linked to login social networking, enterprise have been developed with security as one of its main concerns. So they have several identification and security functions, focusing on technologies such as multiple logins, identification through digital, among others.

Maintaining the security of your data begins with the search for a trustworthy mobile development company to develop your application, but this is a concern that needs to be incorporated into the organization’s policy. All employees should be aware of the importance of these data and always perform security procedures. Furthermore, they must also understand the importance of always keep secure their mobile devices. This should be a concern and responsibility of each of the organization’s employees.

Concern about data loss or system failure exists, but can be drastically minimized by adopting tools developed by trusted teams. Although the number of mobile development companies to be growing in India, it is not any developer who knows the risks and needs of a corporate app features. It needs to be more robust, with a simple usability, but always focusing on data security. When done well, these applications are made with more complex systems, which hardly have internal flaws. Hence the importance of using a quality supplier, for developing a corporate quality app is no simple task.

Data loss risks, security breaches and invasion unfortunately always existed. Just be a database and a malicious person to your system is in danger. The adoption of enterprise apps is an evolution within companies, as they are are powerful tools. Its use brings invaluable benefits for organizations, but also increase the concern for safetyFind Article, it is more a port for the enterprise data. It remains the entrepreneur seeking quality teams to develop their solutions.

This was a guest article from Robin Dale.

Robin Dale is a SEO Expert / Specialist at one of the leading offshore focused application development company in India providing wide range of mobile and web application development – solutions to clients all over the world.