The Diffusion of Technology is Opening New Ways to Set up Communication

In a nutshell, technical changes will remain the driving force behind the means of communication and it will make this way of exchanging information safer, easier, efficient and faster. It has revolutionized the way we create connectivity.

New communication options
New communication options

We are in the age where technology is changing everything very rapidly. Because it is an integral and intimate source in the development of the applications that are available to you. It has brought radical changes from landlines to handheld mobile devices, wearable to virtual things, etc and totally leading the control of our life. Its omnipresence can be felt everywhere from new broadcasting facilities to end-to-end connectivity. New inventions in communication and information technology have opened the doors for mobile manufacturers, network operators, and software applications developers.

The reason for the success of these advancements is that they fulfill the demands of end users, completing the supply side of the demand, whether those customers are businesses or home users. They contain a large number of software downloads that have changed the entire socio-cultural environment and sped up to the way we connect. We have different ways and applications to communicate and it is possible to set up connectivity in two modes: real-time (also known as unified) and non-real-time communication services.

Both the modes, real-time (synchronous) and non-real-time (asynchronous) are explained below.


In a general sense, real-time communication means to complete the circuit of information exchange without any transmission delay or a very minimum delay. The role of this technology has been changed entirely and it has experienced the change from phones to video conferencing. It has allowed individuals to acquire and communicate information in real-time. Some of the elementary features of real-time communication are discussed here.

Calling facilities

Cell phones have been replaced by smartphones. Earlier devices were designed to fulfill the purpose of voice communication only. Now they are no longer only for this purpose, allowing you to make use of the devices varying capabilities. This kind of information exchange has been proving to be a very helpful tool for businesses and consumers, who are making the best use of applications available in the market that require only an Internet connection. Now it is possible to make a voice or video call using a mobile phone and an app.

Instant messaging & data sharing

Sometimes just a phone call is not enough to serve all your purposes well. Another very beneficial feature of these software programs is the exchanging of multimedia information contents in real-time.

Diffusion of the Internet

The diffusion of the Internet has made it possible to use the synchronous mode of data transmission. This revolutionary technology has brought ways for exchanging information and conversation. Its socio cultural effects serve you in every aspect of life. Online education, gaming, social networking, file and screen sharing are few of the other functions that can be performed with the help of the Internet.

Non-real time

In non-real time communication the data, or informational contents, experience some transmission delay. In other words, the sharing of data files bears some latency before reaching its destination. One of its example is e-mailing.

Apart from that, there are also some common factors that both types of communication contain are described below:-

Data processing abilities

Both modes have the capabilities to process data from one end to another, regardless of the nature of media contents (either text or picture). They can process heavy files easily.

Information exchange

They have altered the cultural methods of information exchange where we used to use pen-and-paper to share something and there was no security for your document. These cultural changes are serving the society brilliantly.

On the whole, the hand-held mobile devices (smart phones) are facilitating communication with others from the comfort of home. The new software downloads have widened the spectrum of communication for the end user.

They are using these programs for their business and regular lives. The mobile devices can do so many things, but those things entirely depend on the Windows downloads and other applications that they are using on their smartphone.

This was a guest article from Kanika Ahuja. Kanika is an article writer who tries to share her knowledge with others. She writes about free computer games download, free business management software and windows media player plus.