Article: Why do so few people use proper web coding?

When I speak to people about the revolutionary changes that occur EVERY day on the Internet, people are often surprised and curious enough to hop online and see for themselves. However, when I talk to web developers about the Internet, they typically react one of three ways…

1. They stare at me with a blank look when I use the terms DTD, XHTML and CSS.
2. This shift in their chairs uncomfortably, making it very obvious that they know about these things, but haven’t taken the time to learn them, or they don’t use them.
3. They jump right into the conversation and start chatting it up with someone who -also- knows what major changes are taking place online.

So, why are most people unaware? Let me explain. First of all, many people don’t use proper web coding standards because it takes work to change. People don’t like change.

Second, there are a great many web developers who do not feel they have the time to learn how. Perhaps they don’t. It used to be, about 10 years ago, that a single Web Master would create and run the website for a company. That really is not the case any longer. There are multiple distinctions, and new job categories that have been created in recent years. There are now:

Web Designer (Usually purely involved in the design element of a page, such as the graphics and perhaps even animation. That can vary.)

Web Master / Network Administrator (Usually involved in the maintenance of the Network for larger companies, and is often an outsourced position, or one whose duties are placed on the Web Developer also, for small companies.)

Web Developer (Usually this is the person who does the website coding, changes, and updates. They have to stay up-to-date on all the emerging and vital technologies such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, CGI, and Javascript, as well as knowing and following the rules for the WAI. Overall, a web developer has a hard and busy job.)

SEO Expert (Some companies are choosing to outsource or hire an SEO Expert to help them with the Search Engine Marketing, and Advertising. Unfortunately, in many small and medium sized businesses this job is also given to the Web Developer.)

There are other positions that have been created also, but that allowed me to illustrate the problem. For companies that are not able or willing to outsource or hire people specialized in various areas… the Web Developer has to do it all.

I think its very important for businesses to begin to understand that they should include outsourcing, or they will severely overburden their Web Developers during this time of extreme technological growth.

If companies give their Web Developers the time to learn what they need to know to keep up to date, their company will have an employee with the skill to make them a website with functionality that separates them from their business competitors.

Perhaps it is something to think about…

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