What’s Your CSS Level?

Not a Quiz – Rate Yourself

I found this accurate and amusing little article on Friendly Bit and, of course, it immediately got me thinking. “What Level am I?”

Without too much ego, I think I’m sitting around a level 5 and steadily moving toward a level 6 as I work more on my book. I think a level 5 is appropriate in most cases for me. I still struggle sometimes with my CSS, but I find more and more that my problem lies not within the code itself, but within my personal issue with a difficulty coming up with creative designs. I suppose I fit the mold of yet another highly analytical person who has to work very hard to be creative and artistic. I envy those who do both easily.

On the other hand, a level 6 goes into people who write articles and tutorials, books, and teach others. Of those, I think I fit the mold to a degree, but a lesser one for now. In time, I’d like to write more and more tutorials, and once my book is complete I’d like to get started on my next. The seminars I’m working on are also another major feature of that, so perhaps its a combination.

Regardless, I found the article rather intriguing for its accuracy, and perhaps something for people to look forward to in the way of goal setting for their web knowledge.