More Improvements on IE7 Beta

Microsoft has a new version of their IE7 Beta that will be introduced at the MIX 06 event this month in Vegas. The new beta version, which Andy is calling the IE MIX 06 release, seems to have addressed quite a few of the bugs that were causing issues for CSS in the first IE7 Beta (at least from what I can tell with the screenshots). In her post on the MIX 06 version shown to her and Andy by Markus Mielke, Molly said she is

..very proud to be here today watching history unfold.

I can’t help but agree. It is a wonderful thing for developers to see the screenshots given of how the IE7 beta is evolving. Even more encouraging is that they are reportedly trying to fix a few more of the problems in IE7 before the MIX 06 event.

I have to admit that I’m very surprised. Maybe I shouldn’t be. Perhaps the fact that I am is an example of exactly how jaded I have become over time toward the Microsoft crew. So, I’ll start right off with saying this… I feel bad that I’m surprised you did something you said you would do, but in all honestly, you should understand why that is. IF (*note the slightly hesitant tone*) Microsoft is going to continue to keep making a real effort to better their technology toward standards, then it is only fair that we should all make a real effort to give them a fair shot and not be quite so harsh on them. Okay, enough apologies to Microsoft, I think I’ve eaten enough hat for one day.

If you want to attend the MIX 06 this month (March 20 through 22), but can’t afford the cost – there are a couple of contests going on to get you there completely free. They are open to International entrants, and cover every aspect of getting you there and back so that you don’t need anything to go. Keep in mind that there is a very quickly approaching deadline on these contests, as the conference itself is this month.


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  1. As a Microsoft employee and part of the MIX team (I’m running the Remix contest – couldn’t help the plug) thanks for the sentiments expressed here. I hope that we meet, then exceed, your expectations.


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